Counter - Reset defaults to true?

this is something that i find rather confusing:


the reset value seems to default to true, however the node (luckily) does not behave like this.

I guess that’s because Reset is an operation not just an input. So setting the pin to true triggers the operation instead of only setting a value ?

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indeed. i just checked and the LFO reset pin is also implemented in the same fashion (an operation that can be triggered from the outside and not even has an input pin).

it made me stumble during a course today, because i could not instantly explain this behaviour and tbh, it looks wrong to me (i’d assume pins that unconnected pins have a default value and in this case a default value of true would mean it resets all the time). it is not executed as the pin triggers something internally which is not on the update operation - therefore the default value does not matter here. however, it’s impossible to spot this behaviour from the outside.

did i get this right? now try explaining this to a newbie of gamma without former programming experience :)

just to underline this. just adding a bang iobox results exactly the same behaviour like in the first image, however the values read opposite


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you can see it when the pin is grayed out. which means it belongs to an inactive operation. most Stride nodes and now also Elementa is built with this pattern. but this could be more obvious, might need an adjustment of the stylesheet.

now that you tell me, i can see it too (and i thought i’m good in distinguishing shades of gray by now :) ). might also be an uncalibrated monitor though… i guess i was looking for a hint in the tooltip where non could be found.

this might not be an issue (on the contrary - it’s a great feature!). but this experience today might be one of those mosaic pieces why newcomers sometimes have a hard time of understanding why gamma behaves like it does - it is not obvious. i think my students now grasped the concept of generic nodes (another grayed out meaning one needs to learn), but this even slipped through my fingers - so i’d say it is a UX issue.

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I guess the tooltip could read something along those lines: „operation is not called“ or whatever.


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