Counter and Select don't work with Spread<Boolean> using Bangs

Guten Morgen!

I found this bug happening in some releases of Gamma 2022.5.0.
Counter is not triggered when using an OR(Spectral) or even a GetSlice with a Spread<Boolean>.

Tested on 2022.5.0-0552 and 2022.5.0-0536. Same behavior on those 2 versions.
Here is a GIF:

Tested also on 2022.5.0-0429 and 2021.4.12, and no problem with those 2 versions.
Here is another GIF where it works:

The same behavior is also happening with a Select.

Here are 2 more GIFs:

(Of course, counter counts 2 each time because of the Up and Down of the Bang)

Thank you!

fixed in upcoming vvvv gamma 2022.5 preview. thank you for reporting!

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