Copying a dynamic IOBox value into a static IOBox value


Firstly, thanks for all you do to make vvvv a powerful and exciting tool (and learning experience).

I am collecting x, y, z values dynamically (constantly changing with time) and storing them in an IOBox value advanced (1 row, 3 columns). These values are constantly changing over time (which is OK). I want to copy a snapshot of those values (one set of xyz values) and store them for some calculations.

I have been playing with some of the logic nodes but have not reached the solution yet. I value your time in advising me or giving me a pointer in the right direction with this.



like,… S+H (Animation) the current value and write it in a Queue (Spreads) ?
You can then access your sets of values with a GetSlice (Spreads) with the Binsize set to 3.

something like that?

Thank you! Yes that will work - I can catch the values before they return to null, and then set the S+H(Animation) back to 0 with an IOBox, using a timer. That’s great and thanks for your time.