Copy & Paste of subpatches doesn't work if the source patch is in another directory than the target patch

see attached patch.

Edit: The Wiki seems not to like “Sonderzeichen” like “&”.
Download should work now. (2.1 kB)

i can’t download your patch, page not found …

and are you probably experiencing the same problem i stated here ?

no it also happens whithout funky characters.

copy/paste does work here ! i can’t reproduce it.

are you sure your vvvv program folder is not in a ‘strange’ location ?

no no strange location, the vvvv- and the patch-folder are both directly on C:\

Edit: I also tried with beta23

when i do CTRL+C i have this in my clipboard:

<!DOCTYPE PATCH  SYSTEM "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\software\vvvv_40beta23\bin\40beta23.dtd" >
   <NODE componentmode="Hidden" id="1" nodename="SubC.v4p" path="C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\CP-Bug_0\C&amp;P-Bug\Subpatches\">
   <BOUNDS height="100" left="270" top="1125" type="Node" width="100">
   <BOUNDS left="270" top="1125" type="Box">

is yours looking different ?


<!DOCTYPE PATCH  SYSTEM "C:\vvvv_40beta23\bin\40beta23.dtd" >
   <NODE componentmode="Hidden" id="0" nodename="SubC.v4p" path="C:\CP-Bug\Subpatches\">
   <BOUNDS height="100" left="660" top="1680" type="Node" width="100">
   <BOUNDS left="660" top="1680" type="Box">

Maybe someone else could try it.

this should be related to and is like this for now.

the error messgage you get says it: SubC.v4p is not available next to the _Root.v4p.