Copy Nodes via Menu

Am doing a tut on “UI Tips & Tricks” and just noticed an odd thing. If I select a node, and than hit the mouse wheel to get in the menu, the selection is gone, so there is nothing to copy/cut.

I doubt anyone is not aware of the shortkeys, but still weird behaviour. (menu is a great reference for the short keys, so not asking to remove it).

Also, not a bug but a Q.

ALT + Mousewheel = Scrolling FAST
CTRL + Arrow keys = Moving Fast.

Why aren’t they both CTRL? I mean, just remember CTRL for fast movement is easier than remember both, and CTRL+Arrow looks still available.

ai west,

thanks again for that find. middleclick on the patch no longer deselects nodes, coming beta>21. that should be fine.

concerning the fast movements…typically, when deciding about shortcuts i try to mimic other software. so for the “move nodes fast” it is actually SHIFT + arrow keys. and i copied that from photoshop, which lets you move layers more quickly like this.

the scrolling fast is actually CTRL+scroll and it is copied from the delphi editor, where i am quite used to that feature. i know, most other software uses that comibnation to zoom, but for now i’d rather keep it. when one day we can zoom in the patch i’ll probably have to rethink that.