Copy files from usb stick


I like to display images from a directory as a slideshow in an installation.

when a usb stick is plugged the contents should copied to a directory. perhaps with date string for sorting the folders). the v4 part, choosing the folder and display the images is allmost done.

but how can I copy these files in the background or check if there is a usb stick? inside v4 or should I use batch scripts?


a bit of a hacky way could be to use the string output of Renderer (TTY) to check when a usb-stick is added removed. note how some-debug info is written to the tty in that moment.

then use Copier (File Async) to copy your files…

I need to do exactly this right now. Two questions:

  1. the TTY only says something like “enumerating game devices”. Is there a way to get a little bit more verbosity?
  2. How can I get a line of the TTY as a string for further usage?


i’m afraid it seems the string output of tty isn’t working. so atm i don’t see a way - out of the box - to get the info if a usb-device is connected.

on the other hand it seems to be just a few lines of code in your own plugin: see eg:

i used this to detect if a certain Drive exists… if you need to check many devices (because your sticks maybe have different drive-letters or so) you have to patch some logic around like checking a spread of drive letters.

fun-fact: in my short tests this was faster than the windows explorer

Exists (Directory) (8.3 kB)

Okay, thanks! I hacked my patch with a comparision of connected drives with an Info(System Drives). It works ok for my simple application.

BTW, there are some neat tools from that come in handy when you fiddle with USB Devices. One little prog can make sure that attached USB Drives alway get the same letter applied, for example.