Copy and Paste Issue

I’ve had this before but never managed to recreate it, but this patch should demonstrate it

make patch relative (already done)
Create a new patch (i’m doing ctl shift p) save it into the sub folder
copy sub and paste into the new patch
The instance in callmenames retains the BugSub/sub.v4p path not a straight sub path and hence has is not found and has no ins and outs.

Out of interest does anyone use absolute paths for patches, would it not make more sense to have them relative by default, it would make patches more portable, the option could be to make them absolute?

cat (4.0 kB)

but you know about the SHIFT + ALT + P shortcut which “makes paths relative” when you select the node containing your subpatch?
it is also in the main menu.

sorry for asking this; i assume that you as an experienced user know this.

ic the problem, but i’d say a good workaround for this would be not copying a subpatch from one into the other, but simply create the sub.v4p via doubleclick, followed by pressing “.”. like this you can select sub.v4p from the pulldown and voila.

SHIFT + ALT + P should no longer be needed, since when saving a patch vvvv tries to reference all its subpatches relatively anyway.

but the case you describe is different. in that case BugSub\sub.v4p is already a valid relative path…i am not sure if we could reliably work around that…imaging you have another \BugSub in your \BugSub which again contains a sub.v4p…which would you want to instantiate then?

@kalle >>make patch relative (already done) ;)

@joreg, well you say that, but when tidying up a patch, I sometimes create a new sub patch and copy and paste bits into it in order to make the patch more readable, especially for someone else. However, the double click and . is a new on on me! Nice.
Still see the need for copy and paste tho as the patch may have many connections to many other nodes that i want to include as well…!
For the last case, I see what your saying, but multiple sub folders with the same named patches would be quite bad patching wouldn’t it? If they’re the same the should be the same patch, if theyre different they should really have a different name!
Given that there isn;t a built in auto subpatch it would be good if DIYng it wasn;t too tricky!

On that tack tho, there is no save confirmation when you save as and the patch already exists, not been a problem for me, but its more windowsy to do so?

Anyway, no biggy, been finding ways around it for a while!

wouldn’t a handy solution be, that if you opened a new patch within another it would by default share the same root as its parent. then one could copy the nodes and save it in the subfolder later on.

That would work for me…:)