Coordinates of slices

hi all,

I have a 16x16 grid of quads on a 2d plane, the quads are changing colour depending on the amount of movement as you can see in the image.

What I’m trying to do is get a bounding box around all the quads that are above a certain threshold.

Does anyone know how I can do this?

I’ve fed it through the pipet node but not i’m not sure where to go from there!

I think i need to get coordinates of the quads and then use convexhull(2d) or something.

Help would be very appreciated as usual…

PS. Really wish I didn’t have this project due in 3 weeks. else I would be at Node08. oh well, there’s always 09…

Blacktrack-DirectX Renderer_2008.04.07-12.41.21.jpg (21.2 kB)

… no text …

bounds.v4p (11.4 kB)

unreal. thanks a million.

did you have that already or did you do that for me?

either way, thanks a whole lot, really helped me.