Coordinate system

Hello people,

I try to built a vvvv patch to control a quad panner in maxmsp with opensoundcontrol.

I get the x,y mouse position in the vvvv renderer and i pass it on maxmsp to the panner…

My problem is that the vvvv renderer has a coordinate system with both positive and negative values and x,y = 0 in the middle, while the quad panner in maxmsp works in only positive values…

As a result the quad panner moves only when the mouse is on the first quadrant of vvvv renderer that has positive values!

How can i make the vvvv renderer to show only the first quadrant with the positive values for mouse?
(left bottom 0,0 - upleft 0,1 - upright 1,1 - right bottom 1,0)


You have two options:

  • Map the value in the good range in vvvv and then send them to max. For that, you use the Map (Value) node.
  • Map the value into max at the udpreceive output with max scale object.

Hope i get what you wanted right.