Converting Shaders to Gamma/Stride

Maybe we can have something like the TextureFX thread from the golden age and collect the converted shaders here in this thread - each shader one post?


LumaKey TextureFX. Copied & pasted from EX9.Texture Filter.
LumaKey_TextureFX.7z (6.0 KB)

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WithInProjectionQuad (5.6 KB)

Thanks for these files! I integrate the LumaKey shader into the repo, at the moment.

The workflow could be more streamlined if you would create a pull request on the repo for each file. the workflow for that is described in the readme:

Pull requests are a very good platform to discuss issues and changes for contributions.

so, if you have a fork of the repo, just create a branch like texturefx/my-new-texturefx and start a PR from that.
also don’t hestiate to open a pull request before you even write code:

Thanks a lot, but this isn’t necessary anymore, we have Within* nodes in the new previews that you can connect before a renderer. for example:


there are a few open questions if someone is interested:

@tonfilm as the document isn’t quite clear on that: One should fork the repo, right?
Where do help files go,
And how to name them to be picked up automatically by the system?

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re helps pls check:

Good point, a fork should be the first step. I’ve updated the instructions with more info.

Btw, I’ve integrated the LumaKey shader in latest preview and there is also a quick and dirty help patch for keying with TextureFX.

I ported a bunch of TextureFX. See the pull request here for further details.


Simplex TextureFX
c&p from Instance Noodles.

Simplex.7z (13.0 KB)

Cool, so opening the vl document works but how do i add this TextureFX shader to my project? Ive tried to copy the shader folder next to my project vl but cant find it. By pure chance Simplex is the one of the FX i need for some material fun

Idk, maybe it is because I made it internal, so if you only want the shader not the process node that wraps it, try renaming the shader file Simplex_Internal_TextureFX.sdslSimplex_TextureFX.sdsl and do the same for the class name in the code.

If you want to use the process node, try copying its definition to your file or just reference the Simplex.vl in your document (and delete the “help-patch” from the Application). The latter has the advantage that the shaders folder doesn’t have to be next to your main project file.

For me the shader is picked up as soon as I add VL.Stride as dependency.


i must be blind or something, in any case thx for the helpful explanation

2d Light TextureFX
c&p from
Needs 2021.4

Light (2D).7z (20.3 KB)


Just ported Shine textureFX formerly known as GodRays i did years ago,
Shine (DX11) | vvvv.
based in GPU Gems3 Volumetric Light Scattering. Enjoy

GodRays.7z (8.6 KB)

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just a minor hint, you can assign the input parameter tex0col as col, it is already the pixel of the input texture at uv.

Just done, didnt knew about that Thanks! so tex0col=col jeje GodRays.7z (8.6 KB)

veray nice! more documentation on TextureFX can be found here: