Converting Shaders from Beta (EX9 / DX11) to Gamma/Stride

Maybe we can have something like the TextureFX thread from the golden age and collect the converted shaders here in this thread - each shader one post?


LumaKey TextureFX. Copied & pasted from EX9.Texture Filter.
LumaKey_TextureFX.7z (6.0 KB)

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WithInProjectionQuad (5.6 KB)

Thanks for these files! I integrate the LumaKey shader into the repo, at the moment.

The workflow could be more streamlined if you would create a pull request on the repo for each file. the workflow for that is described in the readme:

Pull requests are a very good platform to discuss issues and changes for contributions.

so, if you have a fork of the repo, just create a branch like texturefx/my-new-texturefx and start a PR from that.
also don’t hestiate to open a pull request before you even write code:

Thanks a lot, but this isn’t necessary anymore, we have Within* nodes in the new previews that you can connect before a renderer. for example:


there are a few open questions if someone is interested:

@tonfilm as the document isn’t quite clear on that: One should fork the repo, right?
Where do help files go,
And how to name them to be picked up automatically by the system?

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re helps pls check:

Good point, a fork should be the first step. I’ve updated the instructions with more info.

Btw, I’ve integrated the LumaKey shader in latest preview and there is also a quick and dirty help patch for keying with TextureFX.

I ported a bunch of TextureFX. See the pull request here for further details.