Converting from vvvv gamma to beta, web-cam


I’m having trouble converting from beta to gamma. I’m trying to take video input from my webcam, and rotate the webcam, but I cant seem to make it work in gamma. Tried to upload a screen-shot of the beta version to this post, but I’m not sure if it worked. Has anyone encountered anything similar/have any tips on how I might do it please?


Hey there and welcome!

Would you share what you’ve tried so far with gamma ?

Using Stride and MediaFoundation, it should be as easy as using the VideoIn (Stride) node with the Transform texture filter node.

Yes no problem I’ll share what I have so far, as you can see I’m struggling :( Can’t seem to get the hang of it. I can’t get the patches to connect.


Almost there, you’re missing the Transform node from the Stride.Textures.Filter category. You’ll then connect the Rotate node to get a rotated texture.


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