Converting fluid.fx into vvvv


I am new to shader programming. I did the vs and ps tutorial and now I want to do something more challenging. I saw the fluid shader from Nvidia which is quite nice. Anyone can comment on this is doable in vvvv or not? I appreciate if someone can guide me thru some brief steps I should look into. Thanks!

that looks possible. in short: copy the code in a fx file. follow the error messages of it not compiles. find out how many render passes are needed and what each pass does. find out how the rendertargets (which is a Renderer (EX9) -> DXTexture) are interconnected and in which order they need to be rendered. make a shader node and redertarget for each pass, but not for the display pass, which is your output. take care of input parameters and connect the passes. make a sinple help patch and upload it to the shader gallery… should be it.

thanks tonfilm. looks like a good procedure for me to start with. i will load my work to the gallery when i finish, just not sure how long it will take me ;)