Converting a Toggle into a Bang to be count

I´d like to count toggles just like you do with bangs. How do i convert this?
Thanks in advance!

Change (Animation) bangs every time input values change.

Toggle -> TogEdge -> Counter should do.

Or just elaborate more on what you´re trying to achive at all.

edit: yeah or just change, when you want to count everything (on,off states)

Well what I´m trying to achieve is a Midi Clock signal to be count. I found a tap beat patch in the forum. My Midi Clock signal runs from 0 to 1 in a specific speed which I´d like to feed into the tap tempo counter. But the Tap Tempo only takes Bangs.
So what I did was put a Counter (Animation) with min 0 and max 1 behind the clock signal. Now the counter switches from 0 to 1 and back again. Now I´d like to send a Bang everytime the counter switches to 1.

Thanks for your help you guys! The suggested solutions didn´t do it for me. :(

midiclock->togedge (use down edge)

Well, the scenario in the first post is completely different from the one in the second post.

Thank you sunep! The togedge solved it! Thank you so much! Incase anyone is interested: i have now a fully working MIDI Map for all Pioneer DJM 700+ Mixers. HURRAYYY!