Convert Mesh to Signed Distance Field

Hello, I have been playing Noise, Signed Distance Field (SDF), & Raymarching for while, thanks the excellent pack, FieldTrip, contributed by Kyle McLean/everyoneishappy. Now I would like to convert solid Mesh to SF3D in the coming project, but it seems to be difficult.

1.) I tried to render Geometry to Texture3D by Renderer (DX11 Volume), then change to SF3D by VolumeSDF (SF3D.source). However, the result seem to be an engraving on a cube.

TestConvertMeshToSF3D.v4p (247.2 KB)

2.) I know that SDF could be saved in Volume Texture. Thus, is importing texture an alternative way? Is there modelling software support rendering volume texture? I found that Houdini seemly can do it However, it also depends on VolumeSDF to read the DDS file.

Is the problem caused by fDistVolume function in Happy.fxn? Or I have missed something?

It’s not gonna work like that, there is special mesh to sdf converter included in pack somewhere

In the pack of FieldTrip? I cannot find one

It’s in the noodles pack for some reason

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I was planning on updating the noodles & fieldtrip contribs pages sometime this month- they are both a fair bit ahead in the github versions now. The MeshToSDF node belong in noodles imo because it produces a discrete volume.

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I did some tests in Houdini in order to export a volume without good results instead MeshToSDF works pretty decently on my side

Thanks Kyle

I have downloaded the MeshToSDF Node, and it works perfect. Thank you for help. and looking forward to the updates :)

Attached a result for others’ reference

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