As im a big fan of ControlPatches and a not so big fan of S+H Nodes and huge Cons Nodes, i decided to make a litte plugin. It gives you the possibility to set Values/Transforms/Strings to a Manager and to receive those out of the Manager. It is in an early developement stage but its already working. If somebody likes it or wants to add some feature, i can upload the sourcecode (which is not really nice and well performing at the moment). …

Greetings Robi (7.0 kB)

Very interesting, but can’t understand, how to use it if you for example need get values in 2 or more places. Create a 2 managers or create long links? Can you please upload your sourcecode? I’m developing simple event system, and your code can be helpful for me.

I didn’t look at the plugin, but personally I <3 Cons. What’s wrong with a huge cons node?

i use it in one place and then make a connection to where i need it, i prefer this approche because I think it makes the patch more readable. Especially if somebody else should use it.
With cons nodes you need alot of getslicing and getspreading at the place where you wanna use the data, if some spreadcounts are changing you have to re set all getslices. With S+R Nodes i often have the problem that when reusing parts of old patches something is missing, i just see Receive Nil and its really hard to figure out which value was received.

It`s just my personal preference.

I upload the code, but its still buggy. Im not using any events right now just public Dictionaries. It`s not very efficient but it is good enough for what i use it right now. I will redo all the stuff properly if there is time and i have more c# skills.

Greetings robi (70.6 kB)

@robi_h Yes, i can agree. Big thx for the sources, i will check it.