Controlling virtualdub


I am have problems to capture with my webcam in vvvv (a a look at this post) so I decided to handle this job over to virtualdub. what I basically wanna do is to shoot a high resolution (1600x1200px) still image from the capture stream, save them to a directory and further process them in vvvv. the trigger for that process has to come from vvvv (precisely from sensors attached to vvvv). At the first virtualdub seemed a lot to overloaded for that process but it seems that virtualdub is the only application, besides the crappy logitech quickcapture, I get running with my webcam (Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000).
Now I played arround a bit with virtualdub and noticed that there is something like virtualdub for the comandline which seems controllable out of vvvv - the only problem is … I have no glue how to get it up and running … maybe there is anybody here in this forum who can help me out a little?

much thanks

ShellExecute should do what you want.
*edit. does the cam work in beta16? There is a bug in beta17 when it comes to webcams.

sadly not! I also noticed the cam bug already but that seems not related to my BSOD problem :( …I know I can use ShellExecute, it’s more the problem that I don’t find any proper documentation on how to use the virtualdub over cmd line :( … I hoped that any of the vvvv users here already used VirtualDub in cmdline mode and could give me some tips.

… for the record - I will now test to capture with java and the java media framework … if that works and noybody has any help with virtualdup I will maybe look at a c# capture function.


Ok, installed the JavaMediaFramework … JavaMediaFramework scanned for Capture Devices … BLUESCREEN!!! fucking Logitech bullshit. Man, why the fuck do they release crappy drivers like that!

I think you would have to make a script for virtualdub, as the command line options are not really helpful. I havent used scripts in virtual dub, so I don’t really know what to look for there… maybe someone else can help there.