Controlling many LEDs from vvvv

I am looking into controlling aprox. 25.000 LEDs in LED strips (WS2812B or SK6812) from vvvv. As far as a quick search tells me, I can either get some quite expensive controllers like: or some DIY project with a lot of arduinos.

Isn’t there a middle ground where I don’t have to build my own controllers and don’t have to buy relatively expensive controllers to control cheap LEDs?


wanna buy sum readymade from us?

teensy based udp ready sd card empowered sweetness? only double digit euro range, but lots of soldering luv guaranteed.

you’d need at least a dozen of those, plus DC power supplies (recommendation: one per teensy).

as a bonus, you can mess with the firmware anytime you want.

@velcrome, that is what I would like to avoid.

I am wondering why no one is selling those things pre-assembled

i was offering to assemble and program them for you.
just in case you didn’t see this, because the ad pic was too large :)

pixelpusher can do almost 4k leds @60Hz for 120$ and will accept artnet:

oh, cool, I missed the artnet of the pixelpusher, that might be the way, even though I would love to use the intolight soldering.