Control vvvv w/ Visual Basic

Our dear vvvvriend @syfenx uploaded some nice files without telling it to someone and asks for help in the shoutbox.

i think that the discussion about this has a better place here.

the README of the Zipfile:

im releasing this because im trying to do something with it i can’t…

which is control separate things with separate sliders, hopefully someone will work with me to fix this problem

another problem is that the only thing i could find to hold the values sent over udp was S+H which acts weird and isn’t very exact


open the patch, open vControl.exe and any one of the sliders will control the position of the video (load video first, i didn’t include one)

you don’t need to worry about where it connects to, its set to localhost in the source, you can edit it for use on remote pc’s


im new to vvvv and i don’t have a clue how to get data and turn it into something useful (im stuck with one piece of data for everything) hence why all the sliders do the same thing!

if you use this or improve it, PLEASE let me know!

and here the original files:

control vvvv with (77.5 kB)

nice idea!

sadly i do not know anything about VBasic.
because IMHO the main problem is in the VB-script.
so all of the following hints are not really important.

i added a Change (Animation) to set the S+H (Animation)
afterwards the original range {0;100} is mapped {0;1}

i would divide that thing into two patches.
the one containing the UDPthing putting out Fader Values mapped {0;1} could be named e.g.: Receiver (Network VBscript).v4p
and could so be stored as a module
(see: naming conventions )

behind that another mapping from {0;1} to {0;(Duration)}
this way you can use the full way of the fader. (78.8 kB)

Nice work Syfenx :)

I don’t understand (yet) how you did it, I played with Visual Basic some years ago, a friend off mine is very good in it, hope he can help me. Combining VB and VVVV seems like a very great and clean sollution to create more userfriendly patches a lot faster. People always like it when a programm feels like a Windows app.

The thing with all the sliders are the same, try to solve that by sending an extra byte off info, that extra byte can be the slider number. So in stead off sending 86 back, you would send 186, meaning slider 1, value 86. (or 354, slider 3 value 54 etc…)

If you can make that happen in VB, I/We will help you on the VVVV side to convert it back.

Need to install VB some times… if only I had time… ;)

thanks kalle for bringing it to everyones attention, im not used to this wiki yet…

and west is helping me now :) this is gonna be good, i know it


i hope everyone is looking forward to this, thanks to the help from west, the patch works nicely with the vb app now

the app will send data and receive it (the sliders will update in vcontrol if you change them in vvvv)

right now im setting up presets in the app so you can see it in action! ill edit this soon!

ITS DONE! now im going to sleep… you’ll find the labelled zip in the patch gallery

let me know if you like it!

“progressor.ocx ore one of its components are missing”

btw: thats the link to the broken update:

link to the final fixed update!

Sweet to see you have done it!! :)

You should have looked a bit to what Kalle made, the Remapping (use the Map (value) off the incomming values, so a slider fits better with function, I mean an Y-scale off 88 or a Hue of 15 doesn’t make much sense. Also, small bug, or feature ;), the sliders can als be dragged down to a negative value??

Glad to help, going to start and learn VB this week, hope to get some help on your side on how to use UDP, and than we can start and write a tuturial, and put it on your WIki :)

Overal: AWESOME!!! :)

Okay, I changed the VB to VVVV patch a bit:

  • Reset button works (just keep your VB values 0 or higher)

  • Mapped the sliders, now you can actualy rotate. and see it ;)

  • Gave the Hue slider a function (add a quad, gave it the same transform as the video quad, but used a set-alpha so you can mix its color tint)

Just looked at your VB source, and it looks like something I can learn ;)

Thnx for the Pioneering job!! :)

SEND FROM VB TO VVVV West.v4p (37.4 kB)

an idea:

you could use ShellExecute (Windows) for automated starting of your VB exe…

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