Control + N

CTRL + N should be NEW PATCH. this shortcut has been used for ‘new document’ before you were born. don’t break conventions from the stone age.

Would’ve used different wording here, but I agree…

every piece of software has its custom shortcut…
refer to dont-panic-the-noobs-guide-to-vvvv
the name of this contrib is self-explanatory :)

Yeah bad wording sorry! but panicking is exactly what happens if you type a shortcut that has been stored subconsciously forever and then something totally unexpected happens. Something strong like that can’t be just flushed from memory and relearned in every other tool. It’s the things you can do without even using your brain.

also tried to tell this one joreg several times… no luck so far :)

you could start burning in ctrl+shift+p which is even more useful than ctrl+p