Control + G mixing names and categories

Hello fellows

i get this behavior from time to time with the nice control + g feature.

you select some nodes and ioboxes do control + g and the names and the categories are missed , like a ioboxstring gets the name of the iobox value or the node get the name of the iobox therefore all gets disconnected and white nodes like undefined.

also some other times the subpatch its created but keeps empty and all nodes remains in its place , that happen mainly with plugings.

btw it will be great that the subpatch is created on mouse position i mean (window mode) as it is usually created far from it and most of the times i have to move all nodes to the left up corner otherwise they are not reachable or use windows window to get it.


colorsound, as always, please provide a patch that demonstrates those issues, otherwise i cannot check them.