Control Ableton Live from VVVV via LiveOSC

Hi folks…
Today I stumbled over the very nice LiveOSC plugin for ableton live.
Big plus: this doesn’t require Max4Live, thus is easy on your pocket.

After some hacking and OSC command puzzling it started to work quite well. This basically allows to control clips and devices in Live via some basic OSC commands. Also quite complex data from the live set can be read out.
I’m working on some patches now to demo this but on long term it probably would be nice to have some capable plugins to do this…
Anybody cares to look into this with me?

I’m not the first fellow patcher tinkering with this: ableton live , however I’ll continue from there…

contributed: livvvveosc

also I wrote these LiveOSC plugins for a recent install:

note that there’s been some recent changes that need pushing