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Been quite a while should have been requested, but having multiple download for contribution would be really useful, right now it’s confusing and misleading eg:

One version of the pack always has to be in the “other/older revisions”, which doesn’t make much sense.

So replacing download by downloadS would be really handy.


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indeed, thanks for bringing that up again.
i’m in talks with our webdoctor to get this sorted…

this is finally done:

when you’re creating a new contribution you can choose between 4 filetypes:

  • Select AnyCPU for contributions like module, effects,…that only come in one version
  • Select 32bit and 64bit for contributions like pack or plugin where you provide separate builds for each architecture
  • Select List in case your contribution offers multiple equivalent downloads that should all be displayed in a list
  • Select No download in case your contribution comes without a download

for existing contributions we’re still going through them manually to set the right type. if you want to do it for your own contribution, please note: in the 32bit and 64bit case you’ll see 2 lists you can fill in the backend. at the moment there is no way to move revisions between the lists. we’ll have to sort those manually for you. so please leave old revisions where they are for now until we sorted them. meanwhile you can still upload new revisions though and sort them in the correct lists.


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