Contributing to the documentation

Bonjour dear patchers!

With Fuse being officially announced, we’d like to invite you all to contribute to its documentation. If you want to write an explanation about a specific topic, create a reference patch for a node, please read along!

Providing help

First, if you’re not sure how help patches work in vvvv gamma, you can read the Providing Help section of the Gray Book.

Patch type

Like vvvv, Fuse follows the documentation system to structure its documentation. When you create a patch, it can either be an Explanation, a Reference, a Tutorial or a HowTo (vvvv also introduces the Example patch type that is just an example without any comments).

If you’re not sure about which type your help patch is, don’t panic : either ask in the chat or put anything you want and we can sort this out together!

Patching style

As you might have noticed, all help patches have kind of the same patching style and structure. When creating your own, you can draw some inspiration from the existing ones to structure and clean it.

There are no strict guidelines for this point, as we know that all help patches might not benefit from following the same rigid skeleton, but try to stay coherent with the existing ones as much as possible.

In short : align your links, stay concise and don’t hesitate to use tooltips when necessary :-)

Submitting your help patch

You can either post your help patch as an answer to this topic, or make a pull request on our github repo.

If you’re not sure about making pull requests and still would like to embrace the power of git, you can read the following articles : About forks, and Create a pull request from a fork. You can also watch the one and only Dan Shiffman explaining what are forks and pull requests. And if you’re still stuck, just ping us here or in the chat and we’ll be happy to help!

Thank you allll