Contours to multiple meshes

I’m developing a clipping ears triangulation plugin for vvvv in collaboration with sunep. It’s supposed to take contour output and generate meshes. The basic algorithm seems to work (more or less), but the plugin implementation does not yet handle generating multiple submeshes.

I have not developed vvvv plugins before, and I couldn’t find suitable documentation about spreads and bins for use with multiple submeshes.

The current code is here:

clipping ears triangulation source

The Evaluate method does not handle multiple contours and meshes at all. Could someone please give me a hint on how to implement this?

helo schmid,

for generating multiple subsets in meshes i see two options:

hope that helps…

Thanks for the pointers.

I also have trouble figuring out how to separate the contour input into multiple vertex lists based on bins. Where is the canonical example on how to do this?

if you have a bin output-spread like:
123, 245, 65, 367

it means that the first 123 slices of X and Y make up the first contour. the following 245 slices of XY, make up the second, the next 65 and so on.

is that what you mean?