hi all :-)
how could i fill coordonates from contour outputted points ? (1.9 MB)

not an easy task for a computer. Delaunay (2D) is your friend here but for the shapes i wanted to fill it never was precise enough.

a few posts to read

create silouhette shape
about shapes inside, out, intersections points
fill a shape 2D
Area in Contour
What is Delaunay?

thanks david for links… i will follow them carrefully

carrefour? do they sell patches now? ;)

have a look at this patch i made a few months ago. its not perfect but maybe it helps.


just out of couriosity: text (ex9) is generating meshes out of truetypefonts. means it have to convert the fontsplines to linesegments and triangulate them somehow, no?

fonts can have quite complex contours with concave and convex forms and even cutouts! that triangulation algorythm would make also a nice contour filling plugin…

just some stupid thoughts have no idea of the inner workings of text ex9.

hi !
thanks for your advices and really many thanks to u7angel ! i was beginning to wonder and try in this direction ( but surely without such a mastering)

a real good strong base you gaved to community u7A ;-)
merci !
i come back with more work about it ( and surely questions)