Contour / Vector / SVG


Is there any contour dx11 available ??


in image pack, AsImage (DX11) and there you have it


ads/default/original/2X/0/030c0399cdbb870439ec0189e39a5c19feac5cd6.png" width=“800” height=“608”>
Thank you @microdee ! Its working great

Now I have a nex question… Given 3 different shapes with different points count
I would like to know the index of the line that connects one shape with the next one
Do I have all the data that I need to solve this problem ?


@lasal I know you are the men regarding this topic!


it does not look banal this question, since this index depends on each object relative position to the neighbors.
maybe nearest neighbor node can help you, to get the closest point to your selected object.
it would depends on what you need at the end.
good luck


you already get the binsizes of the objects. what is your goal?


What I’m looking for is to be able to draw 2 or more different shapes, and to be able to identify the line that joins the 2 of them ( the one I mark red ) in a automated way
And Im not seeing the correlation between the data that I have have and the result that I need
note that vertex count of the shapes can change


ok i see, indeed you can use the binsize info to find out.
maybe there is a shorter way, but for now see this little module:
binsize to segment index.v4p (6.3 KB)
hope you dont want just get rid of that line. that would be about binsizing the line module itself…


@tgd yes! Thank you!!!
Its easy once you see it, but there was no way I came out with that node by myself, so thank you again!


@andresc4 hey! which version of image pack are you using? I could not make asimage work with x64


@StiX oh forgot to mention
It’s latest vvvv x32 + latest image pack x32