Contour thresholded and separated by ID

Hi all
i’ve just lost a bit in logic
How to delete unnecessary XYspreads of small contours from common XYspreads?
cheers, dimi

ContourThresholded&SeparatedByID.v4p (50.4 kB)

It seems like I could get the tresholded output of spreads, but somehow the sorting is going wrong.
could someone check two patches?
patch A is correct, but without Threshold filtering
patch B with Threshold, but not correctly working

ContourThresholded&SeparatedByID_v2a.v4p (53.6 kB)
ContourThresholded&SeparatedByID_v2b.v4p (62.3 kB)

I made an example for you , hope is what you need.

FilterBlobBySize.rar (12.9 kB)

ahh i just realised that maybe you only want the surround contours themselves so i made another version where you can select by binsize contours count.

cheers ;D

FilterBlobBySize_&Binsize.rar (19.0 kB)

hey colorsound,
thanks for your nice and clear patches.
they all right fixing filtering by area and bin size.
That’s enough if you need to apply the same attributes to all IDs, or dealing with generated dynamic spread , which you can “marry” with dynamic spread of contour data (like quad colors in helpfile). My intentions were

  1. be able to apply fixed spread of attributes to filtered IDs, buffered with kind of fixed animated slots (stalloning?)(pls see FilterBlobBySize_&
  2. get XYcontour coordinate of single ID also buffered/ free of jumps
    (pls see ContourFiltered&Separeted by ID v

ContourFiltered&Separeted by ID v (15.3 kB)
FilterBlobBySize_& (30.6 kB)

hi i see ,this is different question , btw blobs are not only filtered they are ordered to avoid the jumps .anyway you can already apply things to the id,s ,but you can get much more to achive your goal with different ways staticspread or orderspread in combination with what you already have, here some ways : this and or this ordereddictionary-(id)
good luck ;D


here another example to get what i think you were trying in your patches,it was already in the patch i sent you but maybe not that obvious to get the right indexes so this should give you more clarification and ideas to get you going.
cu :D

FilterBlob&SelectIndex.rar (28.3 kB)

hey man, thanks a lot! that’s almost perfect for my needs! just one small thing that fixed spread of attributes should be apply to filtered spread of contours. in your case without skipping letter B. have headache today > will try to go into tomorrow. thanks you very much again. dimi

Nice- i see now you built-in two way for filtering: BinSize and AreaSize.
ATM looks like ContoursXY+LineBounds are filtered by Binsize and BlobCenterText are filtered by AreaSize.
i think to make it better there are two things to fix:

  1. for simple assignment of different attributes every slice of spread of filtered IDs should get appropriate slice of fixed spread of Attributes
  2. the access to values of single ID should get more buffer (for the case of disappearing)
    see patch attached.
    thanks and cheers, dimi

FilterBlob& (49.5 kB)

Hi DiMiX

i’d like to take a look at that final solution of yours. would you mind uploading it again?


second to that!

I have to check what exactly was it.
meanwhile check velcrome contribution, maybe it helps


I’ve ended up with something like that (71.4 kB)

thx DiMiX!