Contour / splitting spreads

hi again,

I’ve been mucking about a fair bit with contour, and grace to kalle i’ve had a big bump of help. Although I’m still struggling a bit…maybe I just haven’t come across the right documentation yet, or maybe i just don’t understand the concepts well enough to combine nodes to accomplish the following…

with the contour module, in the help file even, it states that the binsize spreadcount is the number of contours, and then the binsize values are the shapes themselves taken consecutively from the x and y etc values.

what i’d like to do, is be able to isolate each shape for manipulation. so, say, the (0) slice of the contour binsize is 22. my understanding is that then, the first 22 slices in the x and y (etc) values make up ‘shape #1’.

is there an easy way to take the first 22 slices of the x’s and y’s, and plug only them into a further tree? keep in mind that the binsize/binsize spreadcount is constantly changing, so it would have to be a system capable of growing/shrinking according to the binsizes/spreadcount.

am i asking for something crazy? or again have i just ignored a simple concept?

thanks x1000000 in advance


again not trivial but faster to solve.
doesn’t work perfect but shows up a way. (122.4 kB)

yo Kalle again thank you for your help. I’m not sure this is exactly the best use for me, just because it’s dropping some of the contours. down the road i might be using delauney and it really seems to not like this method.

I guess simply put, i’d like to do what ‘ekene’ was trying to do in his/her first post:

…he/she said they solved it with ‘/’ and ‘getslice’, although i’m having a bit of difficulty figuring out the exact flow…

i may be confused of course, and this link might actually not be what i’m looking to do…

merci encore

okay I think i have a plausible setup using a combination of getslice and scroll. However now i’m faced with the following (oh yes another) problem.

Contour seems to mix up the blobs at random. I know there’s an ID which is there to identify blobs, but how do i stabilize/work with contour data if the order of the blobs listed in the x and y contours is constantly changing? I mean is there a way to store the data from the previous ID computation, and compare it to the current state to identify the same blob?

is this making sense to anyone i hope?

hopefully my posts aren’t too cryptic? anyone have any ideas on this? or even if it is indeed possible with vvvv…

helo bonsai,

i am really not sure if i understood your problem. but attached you should find a way how to access the contourpoints of individual contours. hope that helps.

for comparing one frame with another usually a queue node helps.

sory for being short. here goes my batterie…

ContourBin help.v4p (26.7 kB)

thank you Joreg for your answer! I much appreciate it :)

Although i’m afraid this suffers the same fate as kalle’s contribution; the isolated blob jumps, and pinpointing one blob consistently cant work.

Maybe i can explain in very bare terms i hope. Say in the contour help file, if i wanted to make only one of the ovals blue. consistently blue, and always staying that color. and, not affecting the rest of the ovals.

this isn’t the end product (making blobs blue), but the technique or flow that is the answer to this question is what i’m looking to discover. say down the road i wanted to make one blob filled with bouncing x signs, and another blob filled with bouncing y signs, etc…

i’m also starting to delve into eyesweb as of yesterday, as i fear it is my answer here…?

So apparently I don’t really have a good solution in eyesweb, because it always changes blobs ID numbers on the fly… :(

I found this link,

I tried messing around with it, although it seems like it prepares data for proce55ing in a particular way…and is aactually not what i’m looking to do (but thought i’d post for anyones interest).

i hope i’m not aggravating anyone with this question, if i’m really blatantly overlooking something i’d be very appreciative to know as well :)

ai bonsai, i still don’t quite get your desired output and i can’t think too much about what you could possible desire. if you give it another shot, explaining your idea…i will have more time again next week if noone jumps in.

Hi Joreg, thanks for the quick reply

I’m so sorry, it’s true i probably come off as a blithering idiot. I’m going to try and write as little as possible to describe.

In the contour help.v4p, how would i make only one oval blue. the rest should stay unaffected.

thanks again to anyone!

oh jeez…i just realised i was using your patch wrong Joreg. it DOES work how i need it to. it’s just contour that goes a bit nuts when you change the input from those ovals to a filestream node.

eep. so sorry all.