Contour problem

hey guys
my patch:
is hosted here

my problem:
I’m using the contour node to track blobs generated by touching the screen.
However when the album art circulates around the fiducial marker I cant highlight it or select tracks.
I was using the mouse but now I want to swap it by looking for blobs

Any ideas?
help appreciated

and which of the contained patches is the root patch?

attaching the file here makes it easier for us to download it.

and if you put a link into it appears as a clickable link like [](]( it appears as a clickable link like [

i can’t get a grasp either; could you clean it up a little?

ok sorry guys
this is the link
the main patch is in the folder:
and its called NEWCIRCULARmenu
in this main patch
there are three subpatches that I’m concerned with:
Contourfducialsub returns the x and y coordinates of the “blobs”
generated by the person touching the screen
These coordinates are meant to go to CircularPics and CircularPics2
but for some reason the values are not going through to these subpatches.
I want the blobs to activate everything in the patch
I’m cleaning up the patches now
so I’ll upload a cleaner version
Sorry about the earlier post

I’m cleaning up the patches now
so I’ll upload a cleaner version

oh, yes, this will be necessary…

Sorry about the earlier post

no need for apologizing :)

i have uploaded the cleaned up patch
well as clean as i can get it for the moment
if it needs some more cleanup let me know

  • the problem i’m having is with the contours from the Contourfducailsub subpatch
    I am difficulty sending the x and y information to both

these are meant to activate the album art and then display the text so I can add music to the directory

hope this explains the problem