Contour output

hi …

i am making this project. i use the object ( 6 white or black square of wood) like a controll, and to take theire coordinate x and y i am using the conour node. but i am not be able to split wery well the X and Y output, so when i move one object even the value of the other object change, i am trying with this way, waht is wrong?

why don’t you use something more modern ;]
since contour is quite old and i had troubles evvverytime i try to do something with it.

thanks… before contour, i have used color tracker but it is moore boring because evrey time that the light change, ( because i have made the same project) i must change the color value, so i am trying a new way more eyes to track object and used it like a controllorer, what there is of more modern to make this thing?

if you want see, i am trying a different way, i am using contour and color tracker… with the contour i tracking the real object, after i put on the differnt object one color, and in finaly i use the coordinate x y of color tracker. but in this way the problem is that the color change, when i move the real object, they chcenge the color…

countur tracker.v4p (29.8 kB)

why don’t U use just markers? Feds are right for that, and i think it even updated

sorry, but what markers are?

FiducialTracker (FreeFrame DShow9), check the help patch
supper simple and supper stable

thansk so much antokhio for the link…