Contour "id" doesn't change

hi to all…

i have some problem with the id of the contour node (actually i’m using ccv via tuio but it works the same).

like you can see in the example patch below, if you try to hit in the bang up in the right, the “id” does not change… (19.03 Kb)

if you increase the value of the time between appear and disappear of the quad the “id” start changing.

could be this is a non sense issue, and this really depend on the framerate of the computer, wich if is lower than the changing of the position of the quad the contour node can’t see the release of the blob.

but this create a problem in term of multitouch-multiuser table… because in that case could happen that the people touch and release with very short time in between a lot.
and this cause that the object in the table they have a non correct comportament…

any one of you have any suggestion on how to solve it?

thank you in advance


I would assume that it is because, in any frame there is only 1 object, it doesn’t dissapear at any time, effectively it simply moves, once you wind up the value (over the time of 1 frame), it disapears for a moment and therefore gets counted. I would say it is expected behavior?
With multitouch, I’d say that tracking flicker at that speed is more likely than someone physically touching that fast!

hi cat,

thank you for your reply
like you say… is because the object it doesn’t disappear at any time… it interpretate like a movement…

about the multitouch… actually the problem does not happen when there are only one person interacting, because in that case is impossible that phisically touch that fast… our problem is when there are more than one person interacting with the table at the same time… in that case happen quite often that the touching happen in the same frame…

i’m trying imagine for that case that if the touching event are far than a certain amount of space than means that are a different event in stead of a movement… i’m trying to figure out how to do it and if it is possible… because the problem is that the id doesn’t change…