Contour - how to give 0 value to nonpresent objects

Hallo, i am working on the tracking patch and i found problem i don´t know how to solve.

Contour can handle variable number of objects (which is of course great!), but once the object disappears, the data are not simply sent. I am using tracking of the objects to set certain values inside of max msp, it practically means that the value of the object which dissapeared freezes on the last tracked value (and isn´t reset to 0).

For me it would be grat if Contour could give value 0 for all the parametres to given index once (for one time) the object goes out of the space.

My question is, is there way how to solve this inside of vvvv? It would have to be some object which can recognise that the slice of given index, is not present at the moment and replace it with given numbers. So eg. lets says that i have 3 numbers. width, height, index. When the object is present the numbers could be eg. 0.3, 0.4, 1, when not some operation would generate the list of numbers: 0, 0, 1.

thank you forward for your suggestions!