Contour Help Plz!

Hello! I’m a beginner at using vvvv. I’m trying to use the Contour.dll node in vvvv, but the node isn’t being detected. So far I’ve downloaded and extracted the following using 7-zip:


The Contour.dll file is in the freeframe folder of the addons.

If someone can give me a basic walkthrough on how to get the Contour node to work, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

note that the Contour node is only available with the x86/32bbit version. if you’re running that version create the node, select it and press F1 to view its helppatch.

It works! Thanks so much!

note that you are not using the addon pack from the same version of vvvv. for the current vvvv you need:

  • vvvv_45beta32
  • addons_45beta32_1

addon pack and vvvv version must match, both in version numbering and bits

Depending on what you want to do, I’d look into Community Core Vision ( I used CCV-1.5.exe). It has really nice tools to clean up the video feed and can send out the data via UDP and TUIO.