Contour alternative

is there a pixel shader with the same functionality of the contour method and has the same outputs? This is to be used for blob detection, and it needs to send the x, y, area and id to osc. Please help me find a better, more processor conservative method. thanks.

dir builder.

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i dont think theres such a shader around at the moment. while you can easily utilize the gpu for edge detection applying one of the filters of your choice, detecting objects and returning the data back to the cpu isnt that simple. the problem is within how to get the data back to the cpu in an efficient way. anyway, if youre only up for simple blob detection, thats a task that can be optimized (and thats what the algorithms around actually do) pretty well on the cpu and i guess bandwith issues (streaming the image data to the gpu and the results back) would make a gpu solution less effective.
but correct me, if i*m wrong!

can’t u set certain pixel to a specific brightness to represent data and then use pipet to read it ? probably not a unique idea but has anyone done it or is it possible with shader ?

I have absolutely no idea.

@u7. yes you can, but usual wisdom is that transferring the data back grom the gpu is slower than doing the calculation on the cpu. there might be algorithms where it makes sense. new pci-express cards might change this.