Constant movement of points along paths

i am trying to move xy coordinates along multiple svg imported paths using bezierspline(value), similar to how they move along a bezierspread(spreads) in the bezier nodes help patch.
problem is: how to get the points to move at constant speed?
they seem to stop for every point, even for equally divided paths.

points along paths (42.3 kB)

Have you seen this?


in your case it could be better to just filter from point to point. this has the problem that it gets faster if the points are further away. but you could compensate that of by calculating the length to the next point and change the time per step…

also have a look here:

and here:

points along paths (75.4 kB)

ah yes, the plugin that gaz posted works well together with the method in my patch…

thank you… no text …