Cons (Spreads) creation leads to crash


i have a video & pipet & more patch, and as soon as i create a cons (spreads) and connect values to one input my vvvv and windows crashes (task manager doesn’t even help, only reset!). i tried it various times now, sometimes i only get errors in the tty which say (nonstop):

00:00:42 * : [validatevalue: error occured in ](validatevalue: error occured in ): Range check error

after deleting the node, tty says:

00:01:04 ERR : Access violation at address 004E053F in module ‘vvvv.exe’. Read of address 00000010 while Deleting Node of Type Cons (Spreads)

ahja, windows 7.
any ideas before i have to make the patch postable?


sory, that is too generic as an error report. we definitely need a patch that demonstrates such behavior in order to see what we can do.

If your using any plugins, vvvv doesn’t detect fed back connections, and crashes as soon as connected (I’ve mentioned this before I think devs?) Try putting a frame delay in before you coneect the problem input.

ai cat, can’t confirm, can you post an example of this as well?

Ah must be a legacy thing, just tried it and you can no longer do it, but I have previously been able to connect an output of say the particles position to an input pin, and vvvv quit without warning, alls good now though!
Thanks! :)