Connector colour

does anyone know how to change the colour/shade of a connector. i’ve looked everywhere but can’t seem to find how.


I don’t think it’s possible.
Btw you can lighten/darken your patch with ctrl+6/7.


thanks for the swift reply. I’ve definitely seen some patches where the connectors have been a very light grey…

the ctrl+6/7 tip is very helpful. thanks.

I figured it out my strng+clicking every letter on the keyboard!

ctrl+H does it

yeah H is for hide…

try to lock the patch afterwards with ctrl-E…

what are connectors?

if you think of _node_s try ctrl-h on a selected node.

the connectors are the cables right? AKA links?

i thought nodes were the objects.

aaaaaaah, you mean _link_s.

yes, _link_s also can be greyed with CTRL-H