Connecting two VVVV Patches

I have a quick question. For our big sculpture we are using a lot of projectors (6) and a fluid3d system from Fuse. I am a bit worried that my PC won’t be able to handle all of that computing. I’ve been wondering if there is a simple and reliable way to connect to VVVV Patches running on two PCs via for example Lan. This way one PC could compute the particle System and the other would distribute it to our projectors.
Thanks :)

Maybe a little update and clarification. I think this question might’ve been too broad. The situation is as following:
We are building a big installation for a festival. As I already posted about here: Projection mapping noobs try to build a festival using badmapper - #3 by PaulHeimbach

Tomorrow we are going on site where I won’t have much internet and I want to be as prepared as possible.
In the Installation I have two main parts. There is the content, which is an audio reactive particle system in Fuse which gets combined in a stride group and outputted as an entity. This will then be fed into the badmapper mapping tools to be interpreted for every of our 6 projectors and then be send out from scenewindows over two triple head to go matrox devices to the 6 projectors. We have two computers: One that is very powerful but has to be at a secure place (and cannot distribute to the projectors) and my PC that is okayish and will sit by the projectors.
My Idea was, maybe we can split the workload onto two PCs so that the powerful computer could do the GPU computing and my computer would distribute the signal.

Does someone maybe have any idea how we could do that, or if its even smart to do it?
Any Ideas are welcome!

We thought of maybe using NDI so the powerful computer would create 6 Signals that my computer would pick up and send to the projectors. This way we could at least take advantage of the more powerful machine.
Also we thought about encoding the output (Group - Stride Entity) to send over TCP and decoded it at the other pc and feed into the mapping nodes. Does anyone have an idea if that would work or if it would be smart?

…where to start… you’ll definitely want the strong machine for this connected to the projectors. ideally you get all projectors connected to that one pc. this will be the most simple solution and give best results.

this is generally not how things are done.

sounds plausible in theory, assuming your projectors are full HD each, it may work over a stable dedicated LAN, but i’d not bet on it.

that’s not how things work. you cannot send entities over the network.

i’d recommend putting any energy in getting a strong PC connected to the projectors.

Ok, dang it.
So I will try my best to get the powerful machine hooked up to the projectors.

It’s just a quite tricky situation since I haven’t been on site and I’m getting nervous trying to anticipate all the problems we might be facing there.
I will keep the NDI solution in the back of my head though.

Thanks a lot for the advice!