ConnectAll + variable line thickness

Hello everyone,

currently I am working on a design that uses Kinect2 to let people interact with a mesh on a projection surface. What I want to achieve is shown on the left in the following picture (done in AfterEffects). The brighter, thicker lines are created when a user gets closer to the surface. What I am getting right now in vvvv is shown on the right side (ignore the yellow square):

I am using ConnectAll with the Line(EX9)-node to create the lines. What I can’t figure out is how to get a thickness gradient for the lines, depending on the lines’ distance from the user’s x,y,z-coordinates (so lines getting thinner with increasing radius around the center point of the user).
Also the line segments in itself would need a thickness gradient to get it exactly right.

At the moment I am creating a cleaned up, simplified version of my patch which I will post in this thread a little later.
I must add that I am an industrial designer with little to no experience in programming, so any help would be welcome ;). Thanks!

the line node cannot do that, you might have to create your own ribbon mesh and change the start/end width of it.

or you do everything in 3d and actually move the meshes closer to the camera depending on their distance to the user, that way they will appear bigger in a correct way according to the perspective.

Thanks for your quick reply!
I already tried moving the vertices closer to the camera by giving the attractor more strength, but then I also have to use a higher threshold on the connectall-node because the vertices will be further apart from each other. This will in turn create unwanted lines between other vertices. Is there a way to tell the connectall-node that each vertex is only allowed to have a certain number of lines attached to them (in my case 6)?
As I said I’m pretty new to this, so I really appreciate your help.

you could do the connect all only in the XY-plane, so z will not be taken into account when doing the connections.
or even better, do the connections before the attractor on the unmodified points.

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Ahh thanks alot for that. I now feel stupid for not using the attractor after the connections before :D.
I tried to use some more Maps to enhance the line width effect, now it’s pretty close to what I wanted to get.

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