Connect a Bang to Automata input pin from inside a subpatch

Hi everyone, how are you?

I’m having the following problem.

In my root patch I have an automata, with and input called “onNext”. I also have a subpatch that fires a BANG.

What I’m trying to do is connect the Bang from inside the subpatch to the input pin of the automata, but it doesn’t allow me, and I don’t know why.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you very much in advanced.

Simple Example.rar (9.5 kB)

Isn’t this also your thread?

If it’s not you will find your answer there, if it is, well you will find you answer there :)

Thanks for your answer! no, that’s not my thread but is from a member of the same team working in the same project ;)

Sorry I didn’t know that he posted a similar question!

The FrameDelay was the solution, thanks very much again.