Confused about which version to adopt

Hello all.

I’ve worked with vvvv beta version a couple of years back in an academic setting and am currently planning to invest time again to develop some interactive visuals in a professional environment. I am also hoping to tread down this path in the foreseeable future. Would you recommend investing time in gamma version or should I continue working with the beta version? Or is my thought process completely off track about one vs the other.

@tpotato welcome back. things are evolving and therefore this is indeed a valid question. the answer depends on what you want to do:

if you need 3d animation, this cannot be done with gamma yet. there are also no ready to use audio/video nodes yet in the download. in case you only need 2d animations and device IO, gamma is the way to go. a lot of additional stuff is available as work-in-progress.

the good thing is: even if you’re staying with beta for now, you can probably already do many parts of your project in vl and by doing so prepare for a gradual transition to gamma. because anything built in vl now, can later be easily reused in gamma.

let us know if you have any more specific quesitons.

Thanks Joreg!

That was extremely helpful. Part of the reason why I asked also is because I was extremely excited with the gamma version, the UI, the graphics and everything else. I was nearly certain I wanted to go down that route.

For the current project am about to embark on though, will definitely need 3d functionality. Temporarily I guess I’ll have to stick with the beta version but I’ll guess I’ll dive into VL heavily at least. I am glad you pointed out that the transition will be smoother.

@tpotato if you use latest vvvv alpha you have everything from vvvv gamma also. it’s embedded in vvvv.
if you prefer the dark theme of vvvv gamma, you can switch that in the vl settings.

Thank you :). That worked well.

On another note, for some reason the latest alpha (588d320750) threw an error on two of my machines and finally worked on a third one. The earlier version (7453254807) worked without a glitch on all three machines. I’ll try share the error msg tomorrow.

do all machines have latest windows updates?

the error message would be very helpful.

38.1 is almost half a year old. what’s your eta for the next stable vvvv.exe? couldn’t find anything about that on the roadmap

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@tonfilm The most recent version (278dad5294) runs fine. Not sure what changed on my system though. Any case, this looks good. Thanks.

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