Con (EX9.Geometry)

this little module which seems to work for me.

it combines 2 meshes to one.

i’d like to here your opinions

  • if there is something to improve
  • if you find bugs.
  • if you think whether its useful or not. (2.7 kB)

i added Transform Inputs (3.5 kB)

cool idea… in what context are you using it?

i know its not possible with the existing nodes but it would be really usefull when the combined meshes would remain individual subsets… so that each mesh can use the same shader but differen transformations, texturecoordinates, textures etc…

please santa, bring us a cons (ex9 mesh) node.

so that you can combine several meshes to one and use the same shader.

trying another shader is much easier then…

yeah but you cant work with spreads then… using subsets has really a lot of advantages… keeps the patch small and elegant

this patch illustrates an application of different meshes as subsets:


i think its a missing feature that vvvv isnt able to create subsets . it would be cool if there where some spreadnodes (like cons, queue, setslice, stallone etc) for meshes…

bump ;)
Would still like to able to cons mesh into subsets…
Is this posible in a plugin?

catweasel: yep ;]
and working quite nice btw ;] But good tutor on creation of subseted mesh is good point (there is alot DX-shit undercover that)

Just going to tease me with that, or do you have something to share? ;P

since cat seems impatient… (2.6 kB)

Well not impatient exactly, it’s just dangle some wool in front of me and I’m going to want to play with :D
Thanks woei!

well originally thanks go to Mr.Vux…
but woei wow! that’s quite impressing! How you updated it!
who is your teacher, i need a contact? ::]

actually never seen vuxens plugin, just heard, that he’s done one too. can’t be so different though
any comments on what else on that plugin is needed while i finish it up?

@anto: my teachers are the template plugins and google, feel free to contact :)

hehe, have to overwhelm myself to move from first chapter of C# book… lol
still don’t understand all the code.

must messed up in my head at some point, here take a look on that:

MeshJoin (EX9.Geometry).rar (14.0 kB)

@woei: as you can see in code pretty much same apart i bin size everything (would be nicer to have groups for vertex/normals/texcoords), and use apply bang instead of ischanged.

Otherwise pretty much same yeah

Hello! a few days ago ask something, and did this.

GeometryGroup.rar (5.2 kB)