Compression textures with lines and transparency

Hello. I’m trying to compress my textures, that contains lines and gradient transparency to dds format via nvidia texture tools. I’m using dxt5 compression, and all is ok, but my lines always looks aliased. With png compression i’m not expected the same thing and all looks good. Any suggestions?

hei alg, dds compression is not lossless while png is. as far as i remember with dds always 4 neighbouring pixels are being compressed into one (somehow). this would definitely explain why small structures (like thin lines) loose contour…

your lines have only one colour? you can try A8L8 compression. or if your lines are with different colours you can use a 2nd smaller (colored)texture and add the colour via shader in vvvv

@joreg thx, yes, looks like this.
@hrovac interesting, but my lines is colored and have gradients. On same image it have different colors.