Composition Of Flash Elements in VVVV


I am hoping to use VVVV in a generative art/animation exhibition using many seperate Flash animations and characters and compositing them in VVVV.

I have trouble with Renderer (Flash);

  1. Renderer Window must be open - a problem with 20+ *.swf’s open.

  2. Renderer Window must be Big to get high quality rendering.

Will it ever be possible to define the window dimensions and keep the Renderer Flash in node-form??

Or is there another workaround that anyone could suggest??
Please help!

Thank-you for making VVVV it is a great program


i don’t see the “flash-renderer-needs-open-window” problem fixed soon. but it should be possible to get higher resolution even with smaller windows. make the window small and enter the desired resolution in the backbuffer-width/height pins. while those pins are 0 the resolution depends on the window size.

i don’t see the “flash-renderer-needs-open-window” problem
fixed soon.

I think this would be a typical sponsorable feature. We as developers somehow do not see this on our personal roadmaps. On the other side i´d see this as a desirable feature, which would make up some interesting new possibilities. It would need basic research into ActiveX controls and window management, some programming and a distinct love for the idiosyncrasies of Macromedia Flash.

On the other side - anybody willing to support vvvv´s development in this area should contact us. Either if you have a project with some money to spend where you desperately need that feature (for example Berlin based company Triad recently sponsored the Unicode features in the upcoming release) or if you are a student and looking for some interesting thesis project (like the HTTP and XML features in the last relese were developed for a diploma thesis at the Hochschule Darmstadt).

So contact us with some idea, and we try to find a solution.

Maybe we should dedicate a blogpost to this “invitation” and make it more official.

The backbuffer works pretty good, and you minimize the node down to node size - and then the text label Renderer comes up. but a white square appears in the top corner of the quad for some reason.

Perhaps implementing gnash or gameswf might be better performance-wise. Gnash is a more complete version of gameswf and has been used in commercial games.

I would be willing to sponsor these features. Could I get a quote?

Thank-you very much for the quick response!

hm… i cannot reproduce the white square on the quad. can you provide a demo patch? when i make the renderers window very small and i increase the backbuffer size it looks like expected.