Compare values on one input

Hi there

I would like to ask is there any object which can tells me that the next value on input is ( lower (0) or higher(1) ) then value before.

something like [<](<), > but comparing only values on one input

i found automata but its kinda hard for me to get into it

thanks much

Well, not aware of one node, but… we have the differential (Spreads) node, that can tell the difference between one slice in a spread, compared to the next one. So use that with a > node and you got your answer. (see if the difference is positive or negative)

The question is… what to do with the first slice… (or the last slice, depends on how you look at it).

citywok.v4p (4.5 kB)

thanks West
interesting solution.

do you think is it possible do it by expr ?

I dunno about Expr.

Perhaps you mean FrameDifference? (example patches makes us helping you more easy)

greatwall.v4p (4.3 kB)


that is it

I am still bit confuse cose before i have used PD and now still duno what is best way to solve some things in vvvv, if to look for spreads or just use bang theory )

about patch
friend want to do interactive installation with 6 IR sensors, the participant will cut theme from sensor 0 then 1, 2 … what will play short video loops, but any time can come back an cut previous sensor [2, 1, 0](2, 1, 0) and then there will be played different videos
i think this patch can be used for it

filip_.v4p (16.6 kB)

thanks for help, it really helped

hi barbarerik and welcome
have a look at automata node, which is handy for such sort of logical issues. You can make very easily flow charts like you need.
Tonfilm has a description of a tool called qfsm which is really useful. Download it and open attached sample file. (2.7 kB)