Compare values on a same list

hi there, I am using the node get vertex data to recieve the values of each vertex of a geometry, i connected a getsilce buffered to know all the values of each vertex, but i want to discard the same space vertexes, for example, if a cube have to triangles per face, thera are 18 values, plus 6 faces, we have 108 values, so i want to compare all the values on this list, and just leave one of those who has the same x,y,z values in space, to have in this example only 8 points in the space.

thnaks for helping me
P:D. is there a node that simplifies this task i´m doing for a geometry?

Occurrence (3d)

wow, its great this node.
repeats few points but is better than all the vertexes.
thanks readme.
P:D and do you know the similar node that works directly on dx11 (buffered)?

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