Compare MIDI input values

hello all!

I use a set of MIDI Sensors to control a Flash Program. Therefore I have connected a Reach Sensor to the PC and load the MIDI Signal in V4. The Flash Prrogram is controlled with the UP and DOWN Key of the keyboard. Now I’m trying to calculate the MIDI Signal in a way that I can use it to generate UP and DOWN key inputs to control the program.

My 2 questions are:

  • how can I calculate the Input Signal (from 0 to 1) in a way, that if the value increases v4 interprets this and generates a “DOWN” key signal? Same should work with a decreasing value, that stands for an “UP” key press.

  • how can I generate key input with v4?

Thanks for your help.


the Keyboard node can also simulate keyboard presses. FrameDifference will help you getting the difference between the current and the last frame.

if you have access to the flash source the better way would be directly controlling the internal proximity variable in the flash instead of using keypresses to increment and decrement it (sending a keyboard command to reset the value in the flash to some reasonable default sounds like a very good idea). do you use the Renderer (Flash)?

I talked to the programmer and we agreed that changing the flash code a little bit would be the best solution. As the Flash program works on a Mac we will stream the Midi Data via UDP to the Mac where the Flash Program can interpret it. Seems to be the best solution, thank you…