Community thoughts on sharing?

give a man a fish and he asks for fish, chips and gravy

@poof - please take one step at a time and you will then make progress fast

This is my first big project in VVVV which was made in months. I learnt so much about VVVV as I had a project to apply my thoughts to. I was learning a lot about shaders, render passes, midi, subpatching, performance issues, timeliner, spreads, …

I always say that the best way of learning is working through a real project. And I really think you’d benefit from trying a short real project to get to grips with VVVV.

I suggest the next step for you is to:

  • Start a new thread titled ‘How to do X’ where X is an idea that you have for something you want to make in VVVV
  • In that forum post, write down a description of what you want to make, and how you imagine you would make it based on what you know about VVVV so far.
  • Keep trying, ask questions when things don’t work as you expect.
  • You will get responses, sometimes example patches, sometimes links to other works where you can see how it works.
  • Try adding more to the project
  • See whether after this you like VVVV or not. If it’s not for you, then fine, no loss really. If you do like VVVV then great! Do the same thing again but with another idea!

Try to do things 1 step at a time rather than all at once. Please don’t post an image of an advanced project that somebody’s spent 3 months on and say ‘how do i do this easily?’, that’s obvious right? (Imagine an engineer, an architect, a photoshopper, a painter, a programmer, an athlete being asked ‘how can i copy your work easily’. Even the ones who want to help can’t if you have no skill). Come up with an idea for something and we’ll help, i’m sure.

Please don’t be:

  • A troll
  • A plagiarist
  • An anti-social individual
  • A perfect ‘devils advocate’ who gives vvvv users a chance to project their positive answers on a range of questions about VVVV’s community, approach and method.

p.s. can you come to node 13?
i think everyone would love it if you can make it And we can go for a drink. What do you say?

hi poof,
see the links below to see what i am sharing.
what are you sharing?
see you at node13?


Kalle I can’t see a single high quality 3d rendered scene in any of that rubbish. Thanks a bunch

I’ll share my patches, when they are ready.

Damn i want a Jeevs.

Hey. I think @poof question is valid. At Node10 one of the devvvvs was talking about how much of vvvv was open-source and what not. I would append other questions. How open<>closed a community can be in order to thrive? Can vvvv go further in file sharing and really improve things? or this would not represent a significant improvement?

Also i don’t agree with Nick Briz’s video completely, although the interviews have some good arguments. Sometimes this thing about file sharing is about hype. How about sharing tangible goods? Share hardware or a space can be of much help also.

For me the central question is about sharing knowledge not much about the software itself and in my experience so far vvvv community does good.

I don’t get it.
You guys who say there are no sharing, know that a module it’s a patch that someone made and shared ?

not to mention contributions, shaders, plugins, tutorials, wiki, tiki, bazaar…

so awesome

I’ve always been M A S S I V E L Y impressed with peoples willingness to share on this forum. I’m not exactly active in any other forum though so I have nothing to compare to but everyone has always been very generous to me and others.

i couldn’t agree more with what xd_nitro said!

I am really proud of the high level of sharing of knowledge here among the vvvv community. Just a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

Reading this: “I dont see anyone sharing their actual performance patches” made me facepalm.

My motivation to share is, so others can learn. They will learn nothing from complete patches. I will share every building block, every module, every shader, every pluging.

I will give you the ingredients to make a nice tasty cake, I will tell you the recipe, but I will NOT make the f#cking cake for you.

speaking of cake…

I was wondering from last few days that this thread is in coma, glad to see some posts back. I admit that this community just gave me the hope of learning and support, without i would have simply gave up 236 years ago …and the cake is a lie ;)

+1 for XD Nitro

Awesome, I want a High Quality 3d scene, dont care whats in it or if anythings moving, i just want it to look the same caliber as AbstractBirds or UNC’s work. Give me a list of every part and how i must combine them in order to end up with this scene, GO!

… no text …

Let’s be sincere, poof. Not even you believe any longer in what you’re posting here. Have a beer, or girl\boyfriend, or a walk, or whatever giving you inspiration, cause this one is really dull. No power, no deepness…
Yes, we’re a bit disappointed, because we all know you can do really better, else we have to find another one.
Sorry, but that’s it.


Hey Poof, we asked you to show some of your stuff. What are you waiting for ?
Now, stop talking and show us what you are capable of.

Someone offered to provide instructions how to achieve a high quality result, i accepted the offer and requested they do so, and so far i’ve yet to see anyone produce any clue as to how this is achieved. Looks like the only trolls here are you.

The argument is getting ugly as Mr. Poof doesn’t realize the value whatsoever.
Btw i did little search in an effort to understand the situation…here is the result, credits h99 for this find