Community thoughts on sharing?


This makes a interesting point on how sharing code/patches is in the best interests of the author as well as the community. Do you share your patches? Would you be willing to?

Our fellas already sharing at contributions section and maybe impossible to share their commercial project patches. However help is there for the one who ask. I am sure if you are specific on a task you will find more help here.

I wasnt asking personally, just generally. I dont see anyone sharing their actual performance patches, seems like most people are billgating their work.

I found tattooed guy could be a nice vvvver.
I must say further, I found some people to share my vvvv “knowledge” with.
Sharing patches, which we’ll call “high level stuff language”, down to code, which we’ll call “low level stuff language”, it’s actually something happening almost in all threads in forum, in a dedicated section in this website and, in the end, in the tutorials section of the same website. For example,, I learned the sense of a few nodes, which probably will come in hand in future, or at least I hope so.
So I’m quite satisfied with the idea of sharing practiced here.
There’s also vvvv-sdk which is where is possible to find source code - exception made for core stuff - of vvvv. So that, as tattooed guy stated, is possible to improve code, since it’s shared.
I would just suggest you to investigate if devvvvs practiced the sharing-do for a long time, or not.

IMHO, further, nobody here is billgating their own works. Maybe you would prefer they to stevejobs them, which, IMHO, would be the definitive death of sharing.

One last thing. We still miss your opinion on sharing. Here we have briz, briz’s fellows, Urbankind and my opinion.

Could you kindly post your own? You know, it’s totally inelegant, unless you’re a journalist, starting a thread asking for opinions without providing your own.


Hey poof,

this is a classic and brings many questions about sharing and software art in general. Like this one :

but here you are pointing vvvv’s community. This is totally wrong and unwarranted coming from someone claiming jitter’s superiority. I think both communities are really different. If you’re looking right (with the right manners) you’ll find any help you’d need ; and apart from this site you’ll get quick answers on skype and even real meetings in life. Lot of people are sharing their “performances” stuffs and even more…just need to ask nicely. Nobody here is ‘billgating’ their work. I think it’s been quite more closed and billgated on Max’s side.

what do you share?


Sure, but I dont like to start opinion threads off with my opinion as it tends to skew the results.

I dont know actually. I get the impression that people here like to share bits and pieces of their work, but alot of the videos ive seen of actual v compositions (not videos of live performances) leave no description aside from that it was made in v. Often there is at least one comment below the video along the lines of “could you please share you patch with us or tell us how you made it”? and only one time did one person actually give a general description of what he did.

My question wasn’t purely rhetorical, if you made an awesome patch that you worked really hard on and someone saw your video and asked you to post it, would you?

And more importantly, why does that make you feel uneasy?

A forum is a place where people talk about ideas. So I don’t think that proposing an idea would skew results.

Mmmmh. Still never happened to me. But of course I don’t think I would share something with a perfectly unknown person, which by simply asking “how do you do it?” claims rights on my time and sweat.
And this for several reasons.
For example that person would be just curious and not really interested in what I’ve done. This would lead to give pearls to pigs.
Most of the times, when I read something like “HDYDI?”, I just think that it’s childish asking this way, 'cos probably
//just started Floyd’s Animals… uuuhhh
when the asker would open the patch would just be able to look at it playing automatically, being able to do nothing else with it. And then: I don’t understand what u done, u gave me wrong stuff, u bullshit. I mean not everybody is devoted to teaching.

If we talk about commercial projects, well try to ask Pixar if they want to share Renderman algorythm for refraction.
So I know you think now: “Uhuh! Got you! Finally! You think to be Pixar-like artist!”. No. Unfortunately. But the point is that bo27, karistouf, tonfilm, … (sorry to mention u guys without asking), works have same dignity as Pixar ones.

Now try to look at vvvv as chemistry. Patch could be simple as an atom or complex as a molecule. But a molecule is done by atoms, no? Here u find a lot of atoms to set up your new molecule, and also many molecules to realize more complex materials. And C# and HLSL give u the chance to modify eve atoms’ structure.
Follow me carefully.
For other people it’s impossible to understand which kind of new material u have in mind. You have your own lab, you have a lot of atoms and molecules, and nobody here really understand why u complain that nobody explain u what to do with all of this; since everybody here started with tutorials, continued with the tons of materials found in this website and found their own way through vvvv, they don’t understand why u shouldn’t do the same.

Bytheway it’s clear that you ain’t searching for any answer. You just looking for a vulnus in vvvv community.
So I try to give u satisfaction. Be aware this is obviously just my personal opinion. VVVV and vvvv community are not perfect. VVVV has a lot of bugs -figure I was able to find one me too. VVVV community is done by people. And people in general are not perfect.

Sorry, I don’t get the general meaning of this. To what that “that” refers exactly? Could u please explain better?

i’m constantly posting my patches to github.

Current installation in VVVV is being posted at:
It’s not released yet but the source is available so people can see the process of how it’s developed and the techniques / methods involved along the way.

People share more patch source on the Max/MSP+Jitter forums by copy paste if i remember correctly. We sometimes do that here, but since VVVV is XML, it doesn’t happen very often as it creates too much text in the forum. So generally people upload v4p files instead.

I’ve got some friends who work with Jitter and say that the community is much more ‘hive-like’ than VVVV. Often somebody discovers a cool effect, and then that effect appears in everyone’s Jitter project for the next couple of months. Many users (especially beginners) are more ‘piecing together’ other peoples work than creating work from ‘first principles’.

The thing in particular that made me switch to VVVV was it was complete enough for me to create my own solutions to each idea, rather than hacking together other people’s hacks. Both approaches are valid but people will be drawn to one or the other based on their chosen approach. (and there of course is even extra weight to jitter because many users do not care for Windows / never have heard of VVVV because they’re in a non-windows community).

Anyway, you do highlight an interesting point about how sharing differs between the 2 communities. I think VVVV hasn’t at all perfected it yet, but that also you might be looking for it in the wrong places. Check the Contributions section and Addonpack of course to get an idea of what people are sharing this side of the internet-atlantic.

vvvv <- <3 -> jitter

I share performance patch.

Hope to watch yours soon poof.

poof, you could start sharing something. like, what projects have you done ? do you have a website ? show us some jitter awesomeness.

poof, you could start sharing something. like, what projects have you done ? do you have a website ? show us some jitter awesomeness.

I think i have to agree with the community on this one, i wouldnt share with any of you as i have nothing to gain from it. This is really the foundation to being leet, just shut everyone else out.

Have you even looked at this - contributions ?

Or the community created addonpack?

Or any of the other patches, effects, plugins and wisdom shared on the forum?

What are you on?

No, you misunderstood. u7angel was not talking about Jcode, but about videos of what you do with J.

And then don’t let your J friends reading your words in this forum to change mind on you.
Here sharing is practiced. It’s just that you want it to be in a different way. Your own. So the point is that we all should have just one point of view. Yours. It was “think different”, wasn’t it? Or you parsed it “think in just one different way”?

And moreover, where do you read that sharing is useless\deleterious? Posted above there are two links to github. What one should do more? Come to your house and give you the vvvvraal? And possibly biscuits and tea in the bed in the morning?

“Yes, Jeeves.”
“Sir, I would create an iobox here, Sir.”
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“Sir, excuse me if I dare to contradict You, Sir, but it would be quite useless. May I suggest to put in between a transform node, Sir?”
“Uh! Good idea Jeeves. You’re precious as always. Yes, put it in between.”
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jeeves.v4p (1.2 kB)

good one h99 :)

and yes, poof…show us some projects. i’m not interested in patches or code. just what you do -> as video, image, website…whatever.

if not, keep on posting something else, it still has some entertainment value.

poof, show what you’re made of

Poof I found your work, you’re leet indeed :)

:D… no text …

Im just starting v, and my point was asking people to share their methods, their patches, the stuff that actually matters, not tools they built for v. Everyone says it takes years to made v do stuff and i would agree, but then i have to ask myself at the same time why the hell would i want to invest years into learning something when the level of community support extends to “oh, use this tool” instead of “well to achieve that end you will need this tool and this is how you use it, but you will also need to do the following steps in such an order otherwise you will end up with a subpar result”. Yknow, real advice, not armchair advice. That’s sharing.

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